Thursday, February 13, 2014

Februrary is for Armchair Traveling

When February comes, so does the cold, wet, snowy, sleety weather.
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What a perfect time to snuggle in a comfy chair by the fire and look to travel souvenirs to remind us of fun places we've been or trips we'd like to take......if they're vintage---all the better! Enjoy----

Vintage souvenir postcards Long Beach California Art Deco 1930s view folder
Vintage Long Beach postcard set
Think Long Beach has changed since then?

Two vintage travel stickers decals souvenir Oregon coast 1950s
Vintage Oregon Coast travel decal souvenirs
We rolled down the sand dunes, but this looks more fun!

Vintage souvenir Knotts Berry Farm Ghost Town pamphlet brochure travel 1966
Vintage Knott's Berry Farm souvenir brochure
Remember this fun little tourist stop on I-5 in California?
Next stop, Disneyland!

Two vintage travel stickers decals souvenir California redwoods 1950s

Vintage California Redwoods travel decals
What a thrill it was to drive through the giant tree!

Vintage Sun Valley and Hearst Castle travel decals
Vintage Sun Valley and Hearst Castle travel decals
I remember seeing the zebras around Hearst Castle
and the lack of movie stars at Sun Valley in the day....

Eight vintage souvenir photographs House of Mystery Oregon Vortex black white
Vintage House of Mystery Oregon Vortex photos
One of Oregon's weirdest and coolest tourist attractions- still operating and family owned.

Vintage postcards desert view folder retro souvenir 1950s
 Vintage desert postcard set souvenir
Looks so warm and inviting-
in February, at least.
Vintage aquarium postcards tourist souvenir Seaquarium Miami Florida
Vintage Seaquarium postcard set
Attractions like this may not be around in a few years---

Book that trip today!


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