Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Royal Wedding

Once upon a time there was a ordinary, middle class little girl who grew up in England.

The girl's parents (the king and queen) sent her to the best schools so she could mix with people who were much more posh than they were, hoping it would rub off.

She met a nice college boy and, after they were friends for awhile, they fell in love. Turns out he was the future King of England! Some of their dates were a little crazy, but she did her best to be a good sport, as she had been brought up to be.

Finally, the prince asked the young woman to marry him. She was kind of happy, but it was a bit overwhelming imagining what her life would be like with all those royal what-nots and why-evers she would have to deal with.

She wasn't so sure about his family. The engraved invitations to afternoon tea were a bit much.

Meeting the prince's brother was also almost a deal breaker, but she decided he was pretty fun.

The wedding turned out to be bloody brilliant.

The band was stellar. Everyone danced into the night. The wine flowed and no one behaved themselves.

They lived happily ever after and managed a halfway normal life after all that wedding stuff died down. They were well brought up, reasonable English people, after all.

Enjoy the wedding!

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