Monday, May 30, 2011

Eerie cool coincidence on the Washington coast

 Saturday  was one of those days in Seaside on the north Oregon coast where it was part cloudy, part sunny, with occasional rain showers. Let's face it, it was like most days there, except for the sun part. 

It would have been wonderful to find the treasure at the end of this rainbow we saw, but unfortunately it was deep in Davy Jones' locker.

We checked out a vintage beach house my family used to stay at in the 1960's on the prom in Seaside. It was sad to see how the owner had let it get all run down. At one time, this turn of the century beach house was a real treasure as well, but it desperately needs some tender loving care, like old things do. Someone needs to adopt this splendid house and fix it up. We've gone beyond Shabby Chic now and we're just shabby. The good thing about it is that it is one of the few old homes on the Seaside prom that have kept their historical architectural character.  Most have been remodeled and ruined.

We decided to head up the Washington coast for treasure hunting at the world's longest beach garage sale along the coastal highway. There were wonderful and crummy sales all along the way to Long Beach, Washington.

I ended up with some fabulous finds, including a ceramic beehive, vintage cowboy postcards, and an antique corkscrew. I'm keeping the beehive, but other things will show up on etsy, upcycled into something eventually.

We ended up in Long Beach, Washington and of course had to stop in Marsh's Free Museum full of wierd and wonderful things to look at including antique slot machines, mechanical contraptions like "The Drunkard's Dream," stuffed two headed lambs, and strange and kitschy things for sale.

Its' most famous resident is Jake the Alligator man, who is the star of the place. Wonderfully creepy.

All image rights reserved Madame Talbot's Victorian and Gothic Lowbrow
High up on one of the walls were these amazing posters for sale. I was mesmerized and couldn't stop looking at them. They were macabre but beautiful, with a very New Orleans aesthetic. I wanted to buy one, but I loved them all so much I couldn't decide which one. I looked and looked, but ended up leaving without one. I thought about them after we'd left and kicked myself for not deciding on one and buying it.

Now comes the eerie part.....

 Spooky - ghost tour in New Orleans posted by Joanna Booth11 Nov 2009
We came home yesterday and that evening I turned on the computer to check my etsy store. I had sold something! I was thrilled and checked to see who had purchased one of my treasures. When I saw the purchaser's name,  a chill ran down my spine..... out of all the people in the entire world who could have purchased something, it was the amazing artist Madame Talbot who had created those wonderfully strange art posters I had so admired the day before in Marsh's Free Museum in Long Beach, Washington. Eerie coincidence or ???

You have got to go to her etsy shop Victorian and Gothic Lowbrow and see why they were so memorable.

I still can't get over it.........


  1. That is eerie! I think you need to purchase the poster.

  2. I lived in Oregon for 7 years it was so fab I often think when I make it back to the states with my kids and my boyfriend I have to take a trip up there! We used to go to Seaside too! Yummy Saltwater taffy god I would love some of that!
    This Blog made my day thanks!

  3. I did purchase a poster- finally decide on the one that is an old Irish blessing...still wish I could have a room completely wallpapered with those posters!



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