Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hunting, Gathering and Repurposing

I can't help it, I'm a woman so I'm a gatherer, although I have the huntress in me too when I get wind of a good estate sale......

I love how you can take the wonderous things you have hunted and gathered....

and turn them into things like this!

Vintage cocktail pick collection on framed mirror

Woodburned humidor with vintage toy gun

handpainted gloves tree of life

handpainted gloves woodgrain

Vintage rattan purse with embellishments

Vintage purse with silk hydrangeas

Vintage gold lame embellished purse

Vintage reading glasses case

Vintage reading glasses case

Vintage garden markers/plant stakes elegant ladies

Vintage plant markers/garden stakes dog and rabbit

Vintage plant stakes/garden markers canaries

Vintage garden markers/plant labels blue parakeets

Vintage crocheted cell phone/iPod bag

Lots of new things in my etsy shop and more new every week. Stop by for a visit soon!


  1. I am so blown away by this new collection! Seriously. I love how you were able to preserve the vintage quality of these finds yet somehow make each piece uniquely your own. You are an amazing artist!

  2. I must concur with BiblioBags, not only are you a gifted artist, you have put together a very unique collection, used the media wisely, an come out shining as usual. Touche'



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