Thursday, March 15, 2012

Plant an Easter Garden

This amazing idea is from Melissa Holt. Plant an Easter Garden!
Start this planting project at least 10 days before Easter, so this year 2012 no later than March 29th- great Spring Break project for kids!
Take a flat terracotta pot base and fill it with potting soil until you have a small mound.
Nudge a small terracotta flower pot under the high part of the mound so just the mouth shows to act as the tomb.
Put some small pebbles in front of the mouth of the small flower pot as shown, then add one large rock to the right side so you can still see the mouth of the pot.
Make three small crosses with natural twigs and jute or wire. Stick them on the top of the mound.
Sprinkle semi shade or full shade grass seed over the top of the potting soil (which do better in a tabletop garden), following planting directions from the package.   Moisten grass seed several times daily with a spray bottle. Set it in a warm sunny location. It will sprout in 7-10 days .
Would be a wonderful natural centerpiece for Easter brunch or dinner and a beautiful explanation of the empty tomb and meaning of Easter. He is risen!


  1. Beautiful. I will have to try this with my twin 5 year old granddaughters.

  2. Thank you! I am going to try it as well.

  3. Replies
    1. Hi NayNay- see below----I amended the instructions to be more clear- thanks for asking!

  4. Semi-shade or full-shade grass seed grows best in a tabletop garden so use that! I think this will be an amazing project....



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