Saturday, September 29, 2012

I love creepy things in October

I have loved strange, creepy, spooky and macabre things since childhood, especially in October. I love ghost stories and psychologically scary movies like The Turn of the Screw, The Birds, The Blair Witch Project and The Others. October is my favorite month and the beginning of my favorite season, autumn. 

Most people think of autumn as the time when the leaves change color and the pumpkins get plump. How quaint.

To me, October is the approach to Halloween, the Day of the Dead, and All Souls Day. It is a time to consider the darker side, even though we live in the lighter side. To me October is full of mystery, graveyards, ghosts and an Alfred Hitchcock-like view of things. 

When you are sweet with a dark side like I am, you can see anything and find some strangeness in it. Looking at my etsy shop, things look completely normal, until you look at them with my October point of view.....

we start on a moonlit night, but the sky is very, very black. Why are the color so neon bright on such a dark night....very strange.....

Creepy moonlit night
....and what exactly happens when the moon is full? Those animals look somewhat malevolent.....

Creepy malevolent animal record album
Look- some mysterious Gothic gates. They look a little foreboding----what could be behind them?

Creepy Gothic gate playing card set
An abandoned cloister? What strange stained glass windows....they look like mirrors.

Creepy mirrored glass window
Oh- the cloister is not quite deserted....but that nun looks a little.....strange.....glassy eyed.....demented?!? Ahhhhh!

Creepy demented nun doll

Look out! She has a sharp antler handled fork....

Creepy antler fork
....AND a heavy wooden (and deadly) candlestick, and here she comes!

Creepy murder weapon/candlestick

Run away! Run away! Look- it's an unoccupied mustache- never good!
Creepy unoccupied mustache
Come on- let's hide in this nearby swamp- it's safe, right? Wait----what in the world are those? They look slimy and extremely threatening.....

Creepy underwater creature embellished cigar box
...this is NOT looking good- hope you aren't wearing sandals.

Creepy swamp life train case
Run into the forest. We should be safe here. Wait a minute.....arghhhhh! That bird definitely looks menacing, and a little decayed.....

....oh no---not the dog!!!
Creepy headless dog
Enjoy the creepiest month of the year.....BOO!
Creepy ghost image from openmindedskeptic

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