Thursday, January 10, 2013

Armchair Traveling

It it the depth of winter now where I live, and although in some places that means beautiful snowfall, here in Oregon it usually means clouds and rain with a chill factor. Sometimes wind. Sometimes hail. Sometimes low temperatures. We're getting it all this week. Even snowflakes.....Brrrrrr.

  • Early AM

    Jan 10

    A shower possibleLo 33°
  • Today

    Jan 10

    A rain or snow shower41°Lo 29°
  • Fri

    Jan 11

    Mainly cloudy and cold39°Lo 27°
  • Sat

    Jan 12

    Cloudy, a shower; chilly40°Lo 24°

That makes it the perfect time for armchair traveling. Of course, a good book by the fire can be one way to take you to adventures in exotic places.....even if your electricity goes out! 

image from random house on facebook  

I went to an estate sale in Aloha recently and found an old couple's treasured travel souvenirs from car trips taken long ago. The postcards were never sent, but they kept them all these years to remember warm and sunny places they had been. They aren't ordinary postcards, but those panoramic accordion ones that fold out to give a real feel of a place with multiple images. Enjoy!

All these panoramic postcards and more vintage souvenirs available for sale in my etsy shop velvetonthepage. Come do some armchair traveling!

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