Friday, April 5, 2013

Thanks for the inspiration, nature!

As the long, cold Winter slowly gives way to the burst of a hopeful Spring, a woman's attention may be turning to......
Elvis at the waterfall by
 ......the beauty of nature! Nice looking men don't hurt either.....but let's get back to topic. 

Hey! How did that get there....oh well.....he can stay.

Hopeful Spring brings us back outside and into sweet nature. Nature can be so inspiring, and it is the one thing I go back to over and over for artistic inspiration. Nature is just so.....natural!

Here's how the diversity of nature can translate into artistic creations. 
Vintage cigar box embellished roses mountain landscape postcard
Vintage cigar box embellished
with roses from aVelvetLeaf

Vintage nature assemblage deer wall hanging
Nature assemblage with deer by aVelvetLeaf

Vintage owl nature assemblage framed wall hanging
Owl on branch nature assemblage by aVelvetLeaf

Bird nest assemblage architectural finding wall hanging
Bird nest assemblage by aVelvetLeaf

Vintage tan gloves mid length hand painted pine branches
Vintage gloves with hand painted pine needles by aVelvetLeaf

Vintage train case strange creatures swamp
Vintage train case with swamp life collage by aVelvetLeaf

Metal box black embellished seascape postcard blackbird
Seascape collage on metal box by aVelvetLeaf

Vintage cigar box woodland embellished rabbits bird postcard
Vintage cigar box embellished with rabbit postcard by aVelvetLeaf

Faux leather box brown embellished ceramic lion figurine
Faux leather box with vintage lion by aVelvetLeaf

Vintage cigar box embellished strange sea ocean life black
Vintage cigar box embellished with sea life by aVelvetLeaf
Vintage white gloves mid length hand painted woodgrain
Vintage gloves with hand painted
faux woodgrain by aVelvetLeaf


Vintage bird figurine upcycled assemblage cameo
Flying bird nature assemblage by aVelvetLeaf

Happy Spring everyone! 

It's coming......really.....

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  1. I love this, what a great post!! I spied your cigar box earlier this week on Etsy and favourited it.



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