Friday, December 9, 2011

Local handmade and vintage reuse movement thrives

My artistsan friends and I were worried about our little local sale we've had in one version or another for 12 years but now known as Hidden House Artists' Gift Sale and held the November weekend before Thanksgiving. 

The economy still sucks....
Image by Carrie Sloan via Flickr

People around my age who come to the sale care less about aquiring things.....
Photo from blog

There is a lot more competition on all fronts......

And it wasn't even Black Friday yet!
Photo from

But our friends and their friends proved that if you pour your heart and soul into something and invite people you like to come and share your artistic vision while getting some holiday shopping done at the same time, people will respond.

It was a fabulous three day party! All the Hidden House artists are so grateful to everyone who attended and now know that the local handmade and reusable movement is better than ever and right for our times. We had the highest sales of any year so far.

Here are some glimpses of Hidden House 2011.

It was quite a party! Thanks to all of our wonderful customers and hope to see you in November 2012. Lots of Velvet Leaf's treasures sold, but some are still available in my etsy shops at and

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