Monday, January 2, 2012

My humble studio abode

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My humble jumble of a studio is cozy, rather messy and very busy, which is appropriate since many of my friends would describe ME exactly that way, so I feel very at home there.

It is quite a step up from my former headquarters in our unheated garage- brrrr.....
image from ergonomics news

 ....although Mark Rothko painted in his garage so I guess I shouldn't have complained.
Mark Rothko in his Long Island studio (image from

I see blogs that showcase beautiful home offices and look longingly at them, but do people really work in there? They must be awfully neat. I just don't think I could keep up the appearance. I would go to a fabulous junky estate sale or find a big stash of dirty barn wood and that would be the end of the elegant organization until I found a way to fit it all in. Still, aren't they beautiful....

Sewing studio by Tofu Studios

......and elegantly minimal and industrial?
vintage industrial workplace by mod nest on etsy blog
 I work in many different medias with a large array of materials and tools, so I need lots of storage and organization, as well as a place that feeds my creativity.

 My space is not elegant (note the plastic bins) but it does work pretty well. My beat up second hand office desk we got free is not beautiful but works beautifully as art desk with handy storage complete with drawers for stationary supplies, files, tools, jewelry findings, sewing supplies and paint. Various bookshelves (non-matching) do the rest. Add in a stereo, internet hookup and a tv with TCM showing old movies and this messy artist is happy!
Drawing and painting tools and inspiration board

Old fashioned calendar and office tools

Art, reference and church books, supply bins 

Ridiculous but not redundant supply bins

Stereo and more idea boards

What room in your house feeds your soul?

I would still love some fun things to decorate my office- here are some things I love from etsy:


  1. Hi there! Thanks for stopping by today. I too work in a ridiculously cold and wet storage unit, no light, no heat. I store most of my antiques there and do most of my parcelling there. New year resolution - get organised!
    Di :-)

  2. Ahhh--plastic bins and mix 'n match bookshelves. Sounds like my studio storage!! I love it!

  3. Maybe the richness of the varied decor and cold temperatures promotes creativity? Hmmmm- here is another example of a gorgeous studio:



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